International conference, Food Contact Compliance

The “FOOD CONTACT COMPLIANCE” Conference, dedicated to some of the most important and current themes in the context of disciplines concerning food contact materials, is to be held in the splendid location of Baveno/Stresa, Lago Maggiore(Italy).

The event, of international standing, will witness the participation of experts from various countries. The speakers’ contribution will, as a priority, define the state of the art of R&D, new applications and legislative updates in the field of food contact. The conference will be organized as follows:

The first day is dedicated to the workshops in which will be illustrated:

  • Procedures for the authorisation of substances at European and worldwide level;
  • Two databanks giving knowledge on the legislative situation;
  • Migration data;
  • Data on the toxicity of substances used in various food contact materials;

The two following days will be dedicated to:

  • Legislative changes in Europe and worldwide;
  • Hot topics;
  • New EFSA approaches regarding risk assessment and cooperation with member states;
  • Differences with the FDA;
  • New Council of Europe Resolution on metals.
24. September 2014 bis 26. September 2014
Baveno/Stresa, Lago Maggiore (Italy)

Dr. Sarah Saminadin Peter
Regulatory Affairs
Tel +49 621 718858-228
68165 Mannheim