Controls of Mixtures Classification and Labelling Starting in Europe

9. März 2018

Are your mixtures ready for REACH-EN-FORCE-6?

During the entire year of 2018 the inspections of EU and EEA Member States will take part in the enforcement project REACH-EN-FORCE-6 (REF-6). In particular, inspectors will check whether the Classification and Labelling (C&L) of mixtures is consistent with the information in the respective safety data sheet (SDS). Member States can also broaden their checks to include requirements from harmonized C&L (CLH), requirements for liquid laundry detergent capsules (LLDCs, "pods") or for biocidal products. Every manufacturer of mixtures would be well advised to make sure that their mixtures' classification and labelling complies with the current legal requirement. Further details and backround information can be found at the ECHA website.

If you need help in assessing the compliance of your chemical products, our experienced team of C&L- and SDS-specialists at knoell will gladly assist you in addressing your specific needs.

Dr. Christoph Schwarz