In the regulatory framework of registration of plant protection products, the evaluation of their effects on non-target organisms is an important aspect of the assessment of potential risks. In order to demonstrate acceptable uses, predicted environmental concentrations of a substance are compared with its dose-related effects on representative organisms: Birds and mammals, aquatic organisms, non-target arthropods incl. bees, soil macro- and micro-organisms and non-target plants are considered in the assessment.

Our services with regard to ecotoxicology

  • Check-of-Completeness of ecotoxicological datasets
  • Validity check of available ecotoxicological studies considering current requirements
  • Study management and monitoring of ecotoxicological studies
  • Literature evaluation concerning relevance and reliability for ecotoxicological risk assessment
  • General consulting on environmental risk assessment strategies, incl. advice on and development of higher tier approaches
  • Preparation of environmental risk assessments in accordance with current EU guidance and national requirements
  • Preparation of dossier sections concerning ecotoxicology for active substance and product registration
  • Liaison with authorities and contract research organisations

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