Global Agriculture Sustainability Forum 2015

China has been facing an increasing pressure of population growth.Meanwhile the natural resources such as the arable land, soil problem, water risk have only aggravated the crisis all the more. Besides, the increasing cases of farm products supply issues have touched the public nerves, and thus a solution of transparent supply chain and narrow inspection are promoted among the industry to guarantee food safety. In the new century, various bio-tech are widely used in many fields in agriculture. Scientific trials and achievements are inspiring while it may also bring along unexpected outcomes when abusive and if we neglect that agriculture is a big system including numerous subsystems connected by food chain. China now is taking a path to modern agriculture and achieve sustainability.
Agriculture sustainability proposes to develop a sustainable agri-system that is built on reasonable means to use and protect natural resources by technique and mechanism reform and innovation. Guided by the main fundamental principles that it can guarantee food safety, enrich the rural by improving employment and raising incomes, and preserve natural resource and protect environment, it is expected to meet the demand from the contemporary and future generations on agriculture products. Our summit 2015 will gather a group of senior government officials, prominent industry leaders, and agricultural experts to share their insights and offer suggestions to the issues facing china agriculture sustainability.
8 April 2015 to 9 April 2015
Shanghai, China
Contact Person: 

Torsten Hauck
Dr. Knoell Consult GmbH