Safe cosmetics that can be used unreservedly are essential for continued market success. Consumer confidence in the quality and safety of your product is indispensable for economic success. Our team is closely acquainted with the existing regulations and can offer you competent advice.

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Comprehensive guidelines for the assessment of the safety of a cosmetic are provided in EU Directive 76/768/EEC and EU Regulation (EC) No. 1223/2009 and their implementation is described in the Notes of Guidance of the SCCS. Whether you manufacture a single cosmetic ingredient or intend to market complete cosmetic formulations, the safety of the substances must be demonstrated as part of the product documentation (product information file). The ban on animal testing means that alternative methods often have to be used for testing cosmetics. Study planning and assessment of these data require much experience. The margin of safety (MoS) determines the quantity in which a certain ingredient can be used in your product, or whether the finished cosmetic formulation can be marketed without reservation in its existing composition.

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Inclusion in the INCI list (International Nomenclature for Cosmetic Ingredients) or the CosIng database could be interesting for you. Just ask one of our experienced employees for full and detailed information or request us to draw up the necessary applications. Another important aspect besides proving the safety of a cosmetic is labeling. This must comply with the applicable regulations of the target market (EU, US etc.). Are you claiming an effect for your product? Besides the safety of your product, you also have to prove this by submitting data. Since January 2012, a cosmetic product can be notified through the online system (Cosmetic Products Notification Portal). This notification will be mandatory from July 2013 onwards. We can provide you with more information or pass on the notification to our specialists.

Our services with regard to cosmetics

  • Regulatory support
  • Strategic consulting
  • Planning and monitoring of toxicological tests
  • Preparation of a safety report including safety assessment and generation of the product information file
  • INCI inclusion and notification through the online system (Cosmetic Products Notification Portal)
  • Development of registration- and testing-strategies including alternative methods such as (Q)SARs and other in silico methods
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