Thailand published new online inventory of existing chemicals

13 July, 2020


Thailand’s Department of Industrial Works (DIW) published a new inventory of existing chemicals. The online inventory lists 11,474 existing chemicals in Thailand from 1995 – 2017.



The online platform allows for searches via:

  • Chemical name
  • Molecular formula
  • Hazardous substance type – cover type 1, 2, or 3
  • Chemical types – cover low concern chemicals, general chemicals, chemicals of concern and chemicals of high concern CAS No.
  • Chemical groups – cover inorganic, organic and polymers
  • Chemical code – this only applies to substances registered between 2017 and 2020


Currently no further details are available on obligations for the listed chemicals, which are not classified as hazardous substances Types 1 to 4.

Previously, the preliminary chemical inventory contained around 16,000 substances. The current version includes chemicals that are on the list of dangerous substances (5.6) as well as on the latest list of reports of dangerous chemicals (type 1-3) under the responsibility of the DIW.

What we have learned so far is, according to the current law, the producers or importers shall notify or register for substances of Type 1-3. For substances that are not classified as hazardous substances of type 1 to 4, but have one or more hazardous properties according to List 5.6, a notification to DIW is required if these substances are imported to Thailand or more than 1 metric ton per year should be produced inside the country. These notifications and registrations are used as information for the country's existing chemical inventory.

Currently, industrial hazardous chemicals are regulated under the framework of the Hazardous Substance Act (and the amendments). Chemical regulation in Thailand is currently in transition from hazard-based to risk-based under the framework of the Hazardous Substance Act. The development of a national chemical inventory is an essential step needed in the country’s establishment of its new chemical law, which proposed to replace the country’s current Hazardous Substances Act.

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