Product Notification

Many countries that have chemical legislation also require manufacturers or importers of chemical products to notify their mixtures, usually to poison centres and/or national chemical registers or authorities. In cases of poisoning or accidents, these data are used by the poison centres to quickly advise doctors, medical personnel and emergency responders.

 Most European states are having active poison centre regulations in place for many decades today.

Regulation (EU) No 2017/542, amending Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008 (CLP-Regulation) will harmonize the necessary information and mode of notification for hazardous products in the EU, starting with consumer use products in January 2020, followed by professional use products in 2021 and industrial use products in 2024.

Nonetheless, the requirement to notify hazardous products (mixtures and/or substances) to national poison centres (and national product registers in some cases) already actively exists at member state level and differs considerably between countries with respect to content and mode of submission.

Our experienced product safety team at knoell will gladly assist you in fulfilling your duties associated with product notifications in a wide range of countries, through:

  • Portfolio analysis: Evaluating which of your products require notification in your respective market countries.
  • Role assessment: Clarifying which actor in the supply chain must perform the notification.
  • Notification strategy: Elaborating how a cost-effective approach to ensuring compliance with notification requirements can be achieved.
  • Performing product notifications: Assisting you in every step of the actual notification process, or completely notifying on your behalf.
  • Consulting: Supporting you in defining an approach to ensure ongoing compliance with notification requirements in the future.
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